Compare Swift Publisher and Printworks

What is the difference between Swift Publisher and Printworks?

Printworks is basically Swift Publisher with additional templates and features for designing and printing business cards, envelopes, disc and mailing labels.

Which one should I choose?

Printworks includes all of the features of Swift Publisher plus additional functionality, so it’s a more capable and versatile application. However, if you don’t plan to print business cards, envelopes, address or disc labels, Swift Publisher might be enough for you.

Is there anything in Swift Publisher that is missing in Printworks?

No. All the features of Swift Publisher are included in Printworks.

Features Swift Publisher Printworks
List Price
Professionally Designed Templates
Supplied Clipart Images
2D and 3D Headings Styles
Page Layout Tools
Unlimited Layers
Two-Page Spreads
Master Pages
Flowing Text Boxes
Customizable Grid and Guide Lines
Booklet Printing
Project Types
Desktop Publishing: Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters, Posters, Magazines, Menus and more
Business Cards
CD/DVD Labels and Jewel Cases
Address and Mailing Labels
Direct-to-Disc Printing
Canon, Epson, HP and other printers with Disc Tray
Mail Merge Capabilities
Supported Label and Business Card Stocks
Over 1,000 layouts from Avery, NEATO and other vendors
Custom Paper Layouts
Import Track Names from iTunes
Import Album Names from Photos