Integration with Art Text 4

In addition to the built-in collection of 2D and 3D artistic heading presets, owners of Swift Publisher 5 can take advantage of direct integration with Art Text 4. This is a great way to design beautiful word art, headings, logos and more.


Note: The unlicensed version applies a watermark to all images. To remove it, purchase a license.

How to Use Integration with Art Text 4

  1. Download and install Art Text 4. Note that integration doesn’t work for Art Text 4 Mac App Store version.
  2. Launch Art Text from Swift Publisher by clicking the Insert button on the toolbar and choosing Art Text… from the drop-down menu.
  3. Design your heading in Art Text.
  4. Send the design back to your Swift Publisher project using the LinkBack button.
    Note, that the unlicensed version applies a watermark to your design. To remove it, please purchase a license.
Art Text integration in Swift Publisher for Mac