Useful Articles

How to Create a Catalog for Your Business on a Mac
A few useful tips will help you create your own catalog on a Mac and win the epic competitive struggle.
How to Create a Restaurant Menu
Short but thorough article about one of the most important aspects of the restaurant business.
How to Make a Magazine on a Mac
Brief but thorough article on magazine design.
How to Make a Booklet on a Mac
Read about how to make a booklets for your business promotion.
How to Make a Brochure on Mac
What is a brochure and how to make it.
How to Make Your Own Poster on a Mac
Creating your own poster isn’t that hard, you can learn it here.
How to Reduce PDF Size and Create Smaller Documents
Reducing PDF size can make your document smoller, lightweight and easy-to-use.
Paper Sizes and Formats Explained: The Difference Between A4 and Letter
Learn about paper sizes and formats. Some tips to save your time included.
Preparing Your Business Card for a Print Shop
Tips about preparing your business card for a print shop in Swift Publisher.
How to Choose Business Card Paper
Learn about various business card paper types and manufacturers.
Tips for Printing Business Cards
What to consider when printing cards yourself or in a print shop.
Images and Illustrations
Learn about different kinds of images, the ways to use them in your work and where to get them.
Printing Directly to Disc on a Mac
How to print direct to disc on a Mac with Swift Publisher.
DTP Software List
Learn about various DTP apps and services for your desktop publishing projects.
How to Create a Newsletter on a Mac
To represent your company to your consumers, newsletters can be an effective tool. But, there are a couple of things to consider when designing your bulletin.
How to Design a Photo Book in 4 Easy Steps on Your Mac
If you wanted to make your own coffee table book but didn't know where to begin.
How to Create Page Cover Images for Facebook and Twitter on a Mac
Learn about the peculiarities of Facebook and Twitter cover creation.
What are the Different Types of Brochures?
All you need to know about different types of brochure folds.
Free Desktop Publishing Templates
Extend your collection with free Swift Publisher and Apple Pages templates.
How to Make a Greeting Card
Learn about greeting card design.
How to Make Invitations on a Mac
Learn about invitations and how to create them.
How to Make a Flyer on a Mac
Main tips of flyer creation.
Envelope Styles and Sizes
Read about different envelope types, the correct formatting and address positioning on an envelope.
The Ways of Disc Labeling
Making one disc stand out from the others.
Preparing Your Document for a Print Shop
Your document is ready. What’s next?
Postal Resources in the Internet
Online resources for postage rates, address verification and many more.
Choosing a Printer
Advantages and disadvantages of various printer kinds.
Label Paper
Learn about different labels, their applications and manufacturers.
DTP 1101: Desktop Publishing Basics
What is a desktop publishing for Mac, story of its development and desktop publishing features review.