Postal Resources in the Internet

Here we have compiled for you some links to useful Internet resources containing information on postage rates in various countries, address formatting guidelines, web sites offering address verification and correction services, and other useful links.

Postal Services

Official web sites of postal services of some countries. Such sites usually contain a lot of useful information about postal rates, available services, and more.

USA United States Postal Service

Canada Canada Post

UK Royal Mail

Germany Deutsche Post

France La Poste

Italy Poste Italiane

Switzerland Die Schweizerische Post

Australia Australia Post

Japan Japan Post

Address Correction / Verification

There are many online services that allow you to find out a ZIP code / postal code for an address, or even validate and automatically correct misspelled addresses, or addresses with missing elements. The free online solutions offered are good for single address corrections; many of the companies also offer paid services for batch address correction/verification.

USA, EU, Canada Uniserv
Powerful address correction and verification for many European countries, US and Canada.

USA The National Address Server
Corrects and completes misspelled or incomplete addresses, adds ZIP+4 code (January 2002 database).

USA Address Lookup
Free U.S. address verification.

Canada Canadian Address Lookup
Corrects and completes Canadian addresses, postcodes.

Postal Codes Directories

A postal code (or ZIP code) is a combination of figures (or figures and letters) that contains step-by-step information for the post office on where to head the mail. Using the postcode means that mail can be sorted automatically, which speeds up delivery.

USA USPS ZIP Code Lookup
Retrieve a ZIP+4 code for an address or company using the most up-to-date US address database.

UK Royal Mail Address / Postcode Finder
Find the postcode for any UK address. Free registration is required.

France La Poste
Look up the postal code and CEDEX codes.

Germany Deutsche Post
Look up German postal codes.

Australia Australia Post
Search postcodes in Australia

Japan Japan Post
Find postal codes for Japanese addresses (in Japanese language)

Address Formatting Guidelines

Correct address formatting helps to minimize the risk of misdelivery, and is vital for automated mail processing. If you’re sending bulk mail, it also has to be formatted correctly in order to qualify for bulk postage rates. Address formatting rules vary form country to country. Normally, when sending mail internationally, the delivery address should be formatted according to the destination country standards. Below we have compiled a list of web sites, containing guidelines for correct formatting of addresses.

International Address Formatting Guidelines for many countries of the world
A very useful resource that contains address formats for nearly all countries of the world, and lots of other useful information.

USA USPS Business Mail 101
Learn how to address and design your mail pieces to qualify for discounted rates.

France La Poste Web Site
Contains visual guidelines on how to address your mail properly.

UK Royal Mail Addressing Guidelines
A complete guide for addressing envelopes for automated processing.

Germany Deutsche Post Addressing Guide
Learn how to address your mail so that it can be machine-readable for rapid, economical and sure mail sorting.

Australia Australia Post Addressing Guidelines
To ensure that your mail reaches its destination quickly, Australia Post has developed a series of correct addressing guidelines.

Postage Rates

If you are not sure how many stamps to put on your letter or package, here we have gathered for you links to online postage calculators of major postal services.

USA USPS Calculate Postage
Calculate postage for domestic and international mailings, First Class, Priority Mail, etc.

UK Royal Mail Online Postal Calculator
Price guide for sending letters and parcels within the UK and overseas.

Germany Deutsche Post
Online postage calculator.

Australia Australia Post
Calculate postage for mailing within Australia, or internationally. Use the online service, or download a PDF rate card.

Envelope Formats

Have you ever wondered what size a C6 envelope is? Or had trouble identifying what is the name of the envelopes you have in your desk? While you won’t normally care too much about it, sometimes such information might be useful—especially when you’re printing on envelopes with the help of software.

Envelope formats of different kinds

Standard (US) Envelopes
An illustrative guide to most US envelope sizes.

European (ISO) Envelopes
A table with European envelope sizes.

Mailing Labels

Mailing labels are a must if you’re doing bulk mailings, or just want your letters and parcels to look neat. Below we’ve included a selection of links to label manufacturers’ sites, as well as to some major online stores, where you can order mailing labels.

Mailing labels on packages

Avery US
World’s largest label maker. Order labels online.

The manufacturer of LabelWriter label printers, labels for them and other office equipment and supplies.

Japanese maker of all kinds of labels.

A label-making company from Spain.

Office Depot
A huge selection of office products.

A large online store that specializes on labels for label printers, such as DYMO, Costar, Seiko.

A wide range of stationery products.
Office products selection.


Some other online resources you might find useful—or just curious.

Contains explanation of the postcode system for England, Scotland and Wales

US Zip Code Map
An interactive map illustrating the area or location covered by the ZIP code areas as you enter the digits.

Postal History

The postal systems of each country have their own history—unique and often amusing. We invite you to have a tour for hundreds years back in time.

The History of the United States Postal Service

The Royal Mail: A History of the British Postal Service

Browsing or searching through over 107.000 covers

Bath Postal Museum (UK)

We send and receive letters, postcards, catalogs and even greeting cards via email.

Design and print them on a Mac in Swift Publisher.