How to Make Invitations on a Mac

Preparations for holidays often result in a huge headache. But, there are several ways you can save money and your nerve cells from extra stress. One of them is to prepare invitations on your own. Handmade, customized invitations will please your relatives and friends, showing how much you care about them.

A Bit of General Information at First

There are plenty of options on how to invite friends and family to a wedding or celebration, including:

  • send a paper postcard or invitation of an unusual form;
  • record a creative short video;
  • invite via social media channels or email;
  • give them a call if your guest list is short.

It’s your choice which option to choose, but in this article we will review how to create and print a standard invitation which could be printed or sent by email as a PDF. Are you ready to find out how to design invitations on a Mac? Let’s get started!

Choice of Relevant Tools

The design of the invitation is the first thing to consider. In order to create a beautiful design, you need to choose the general concept of the card, what elements it would include, etc.

Specific design elements can be implemented with the help of special tools, so you need to search for an effective and productive suite.

If you want to create a bright and eye-catching invitation, the Swift Publisher suite of tools will definitely come in handy.

Party invitation created in Swift Publisher

First of all, the program contains more than 500 templates you can use to create invitations for several occasions, and you can forget about questions like “how to make a birthday invitation on a Mac” or “how to make baby shower invitations on a Mac.”

All of them are customizable, so you can create and make your own masterpiece. In addition, numerous label templates are prepared by Neato, Avery and other giant companies for your needs.

Let us be more precise. With the help of the Dynamic Data Fields tool, users are welcome to insert data from a text file (e.g., your guest list, dress code information, etc.). This will eliminate the potential for mistakes occurring and simplify the card’s production.

It is also possible to modify the image with the help of thousands of clip art images, as well as Smart Shapes. In addition, 2D and 3D headings are what you need to title an invitation and make it self-explanatory.

Invitation Content

Of course, each type of invitation may include some specific elements and design trends. By knowing the C.R.A.P. principle, you can create an invitation masterpiece. C.R.A.P. stands for:

  • ContrastAllows you to focus on specific details.,
  • RepetitionTo make separate design elements part of the general concept of the card.,
  • AlignmentAllows you to follow a specific design structure.,
  • ProximityOrientation of the elements to one other..

For instance, in order to create a wedding invitation, you should include basic information like:

  • names of bride and groom;
  • names of the guests;
  • date and time of the wedding ceremony;
  • date and time of the wedding reception;
  • other details of the wedding program (if necessary);
  • wedding style (if necessary);
  • dress code.
Wedding invitation template for Swift Publisher

Don’t forget about the document’s structure. Everything should be mentioned in logical order (for instance, it is not appropriate to mention the place of the occasion before the name of the invited guest). Overall, you need to mention who the invitation is from, the time of the event and the location (all the additional details after the general information). You can control the placement of objects using the program’s adjustable layout guides.

Any invitation should focus on the individual person, not just “to whom it may concern.” The text of the invitation should make your guests eager to attend your celebration. You should express your respect and other kind feelings to the addressee so that he or she feels like a welcomed and honored guest.

To help you design more charming invitations, Swift Publisher offers more than 100 fonts so you can style your invitation in any way you’d like.

Publishing a Final Product

After creating the invitation, you need to print it. Here you have two options: to print your invitations at home, if you have a Mac, printer and paper, or print them at the print shop. In either case, Swift Publisher, with the help of its reliable tools, is a lifesaver.

To print at a print shop, you should:

  • Change your color mode to CMYK — the color realization of what you see on your screen and what you see on a printed card may vary. This depends on different color schemes used in the computer system and printer equipment. While the first maintains a red-green-blue mix (RGB), the second functions with the CMYK system (a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors). Swift Publisher allows you to convert RGB files into CMYK files.
  • Turn your font into vector lines with the help of the Text to Curve feature.
  • Export your masterpiece to the iCloud or a flash drive. Swift Publisher provides you with numerous export capabilities (e.g., PDF, JPEG, etc.), while allowing you to control the image quality of the final product.
Swift Publisher Icon


How do I make an invitation on my Mac? The answers may vary, and a Google search generally offers multiple options. But, one of the most reliable and effective programs among them is the choice of Swift Publisher. This multifunctional solution will be your lifesaver and let you become a home designer quickly and easily.

Want to give it a try and create your custom invitation cards in the twinkling of an eye?