How to Create Custom Labels for Home Projects on Your Mac

If you are looking for a gorgeous yet rather simple way to organize your home things, creating labels on your Mac is a great idea. Just imagine how stylish and fashionable your space can become if you make it even more personalized. Taking control over your pantry and what is going on with your kitchen/bedroom/bathroom shelves, storage boxes and craft supplies can be turned into a funny and interesting adventure with our label maker software. Creating labels with desktop publishing solutions will save a lot of time and money since you won’t have to use professional agencies.

Whether for commercial, brand or private purposes, it won’t be difficult to find out how to make labels for products from scratch effortlessly and quickly.

Wine bottle label.

Choosing the Right Size

The efficiency of labels at home isn’t under debate—they let people find what they are looking for without difficulty, even if there are many glasses and other units stuffed together. For those customers who are interested in promoting their home products in a particular niche market, these layouts are the right choice to add more personality and professionalism to the packaging and other essential elements of your brand.

However, creating and then printing labels for handmade items requires proper preparation. First of all, it is necessary to determine which type you need. Software like Swift Publisher, which offers hundreds of customizable templates, solves the challenge of choosing the most suitable design. But, what about the size?

Here are some things to consider when determining the correct dimensions of your labels:

  • Creating the best label is impossible without taking a more attentive glance at your items to decorate. Not only is it important to identify where you are going to locate the designed layout, but also it is a must-have task to measure the target surface to define which layout size will work. Along with a standard ruler for flat objects, consumers are welcome to use a tape measure or a special printable ruler.
  • To verify that the right size is chosen, don’t hesitate to make a so-called pre-release version. You can just take a piece of paper and experiment with its dimensions and forms to ensure the final result will be satisfactory.

Apart from custom-made sizes of labels that can be created by following the previous steps, you can pick up traditional labels for items that are usually a standard size. For instance, an address tag reaches 2.63″ × 1″, while a wine label is 3.5″ × 4″.

Different labels sizes for water, wine and beer bottles

Label Materials

One of the things to consider before printing labels on your Mac is how strong and durable you would like them to be. Many factors influence this choice. Although vinyl labels are believed to be a more beneficial solution than their paper alternatives, they are pricier and not so user-friendly in publishing. If you are not going to use such labels outdoors, standard paper formats will be sufficient.

Another parameter to consider is whether your design will make the installation item/packaging reusable. Then the quality of the project has to correspond.

Labels for bottles with body oil

Labels’ Content

In this case, everything depends on your needs and creativity—each purpose requires an individual approach. However, there is still a universal way to ensure the designed piece of paper will look stunning:

  • Readability—the choice of font is crucial. Once again, it is recommended to print a trial version and check whether all the details are easy to notice. Customers are welcome to play with letter volumes and apply 3D effects (or other manipulative means) to increase their visual quality. Swift Publisher, which is known for its integration with the specialized program Art Text, will help you create something unbelievably beautiful out of your lettering and typography ideas.
  • Combination of colors—don’t hesitate to check which tones and shades are soulmates and which will fade if placed together. This decision-making also depends on the paper material chosen. If cardstock, then ensure contrast tones are preferred. Swift Publisher offers a convenient system of switching between different color modes, which allows you to fine-tune the selected color scheme flawlessly for both digital and printed projects.
  • Interactive content—labels can also include your brand-identity symbols or small pictures/photos. Obviously, they should be of decent quality.
Labels for spice bottles

Creating labels at home is a pleasure and breeze, even for complete amateurs and people who aren’t so techno-savvy. The secret of success is to choose an advanced yet intuitive program, the multifunctionality of which will come in handy for whatever project an individual desires to implement.

Revised: May 2023

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