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Removing Swift Publisher

To completely remove the program and all its components, delete the following files and folders from these paths:
/Applications/Swift Publisher
~/Library/Application Support/Swift Publisher 5

To remove the application purchased on the Mac App Store, delete:
/Applications/Swift Publisher

“~” means the user's Home folder.

By default, the program saves custom templates in:
~/Library/Application Support/Swift Publisher 5/My Templates/
or (Mac App Store):
~/Library/Containers/com.belightsoft.SwiftPublisher5/Data/Library/Application Support/Swift Publisher 5/My Templates/
Don’t remove this folder if you are going to use your templates in the future.

To access any path listed above, copy it. In Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder (Cmd-Shift-G). Then paste the path into the edit box, and click the Go button.