Working with Barcodes

Adding and Removing Barcodes

To add a barcode, click on the Barcode button in the toolbar and select the type of barcode you wish to add. An alternative is to select the barcode type from the Insert > Barcode menu.

To replace the default data, double-click on the barcode and type in your own information. Other barcode properties are explained in the Barcode Properties document.

When you print, the program lets you dynamically change the information encoded in each consequent copy of the barcode. This is possible when the barcode is linked to a file containing data, or with a counter (a number that uses a pattern to change the number for each barcode). When using barcodes with varying encoded information, make sure you leave enough space around the original barcode so that it can expand. This concerns only barcodes that can encode variable amounts of information such as Code 39 or Data Matrix ASCII. Some others like EAN 8 support a fixed number of characters and do not change their size.

To see if a barcode with dynamic data fits your design, use the print preview located in the Print dialog.

To delete a barcode, select it and hit the Delete key.