Swift Publisher Features


  • Touch Bar supported.
  • Each document can be set in different measurement units: inches, millimeters, centimeters, points, picas or pixels.
  • Google Map can be integrated into all document types.

Professional Graphic Tools

  • 500+ professionally designed templates for different types of documents (flyers, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, CDs, envelopes, business cards and labels).
  • 2,000+ clipart images (40,000+ clipart images with Extras Pack).
  • Integration with Depositphotos, an online store of over 60 million vector and raster images.
  • 100+ unique masks, as well as the ability to use a custom image as a mask.
  • Apply macOS Core Image filters to your images.
  • Tint, tile, crop, control transparency and rotate images.
  • Smart Shapes with controllable behavior.
  • An option to fill Smart Shapes with pictures and make creative photo frames and collages.
  • Draw freehand shapes using the spline drawing tool.
  • Linear and radial gradient fills.

Powerful Text Editing

  • Add text using Text box, Vertical or Circle Text tools.
  • Flow text from column to column or to another page.
  • Control transparency, rotate and fill text blocks with colors.
  • Link/unlink existing text boxes or create the same size linked text box on the next page.
  • Flexible control over text block to change spacing and size.
  • Apply unique styles to text and paragraphs.
  • Take control over line and character spacing as well as paragraph indention.
  • Create a text list with a variety of bullets.
  • Support for tables (cells can contain text and graphics).
  • Use Check Spelling to avoid misprints.
  • Easily find a document by its content using Spotlight.
  • A collection of artistic 2D and 3D heading presets.
  • Art Text 4 integration (requires purchase of Art Text 4).
  • 100 additional fonts (Extras Pack only).

Diverse Import

  • Insert images in many supported formats like JPEG, TIFF, PDF, GIF, EPS and more.
  • Preview and use track data (Artist, Track Titles and other details) from iTunes.

Powerful Publishing Tools

  • Spread View Mode lets you see and edit two pages side-by-side.
  • Take advantage of wrapping text around objects.
  • Support for multi-page documents with the ability to view each page at a different angle.
  • The page thumbnails panel allows you to preview and easily manage pages.
  • The master pages feature allows you to create a common background for several pages (used for page numbering, heading, background picture, etc.).
  • The Text to Curve option lets you transform fonts into vector lines — a common requirement when submitting documents to a print shop for professional printing.
  • Add as many layers as you wish and choose to make them invisible or unprintable.
  • Adjustable layout guides are used for precise object placement.
  • Create custom grids by setting vertical and horizontal guide line spacing.
  • Smart guides that appear automatically help to align objects with respect to each other.
  • Set precise guide positioning by entering a value.
  • Group objects with the ability to resize and rotate them as a single item.
  • Make use of adjustable shadows.
  • New Document Dialog allows you to set up properties when creating a new document: page size, spread view, number of pages, measurements and margins.
  • Booklet printing (imposition) option in the print dialog arranges brochure pages automatically.
  • Dynamic Data Fields let insert contact details or data from a text file for batch printing of business cards, invitations, raffle tickets, etc.
  • Generate industry-standard barcodes, including QR Code, UPC-A/E, Code 39, EAN-8/13, ISBN and more.
  • Calendar Editor for creating personalized calendars.

Working with the Results

  • Export your work to PNG, TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF.
  • Set image quality, specify bleeds or apply Quartz Filters when exporting to PDF.
  • Export document to TIFF in RGB or CMYK color model.
  • Store all of your work in iCloud Drive and conveniently access your documents on any Mac computer.
  • The Text to Curve feature (using export options) lets you transform all text in the document into vector shapes. This will help to avoid issues with fonts, when submitting a document to a print shop.
  • A huge library of business card and label paper formats from the most popular manufacturers, including Avery, Neato, Memorex and others.
  • Easy to create custom business card, postal and CD label, envelope and postcard layouts for unsupported paper stock.
  • Supports direct-on-CD printing.
  • Print on label rolls with DYMO, Zebra, Brother, Seiko and Primera label printers.