Dynamic Data Fields

Adding and Removing Data Fields

To add a dynamic data field, select one from the middle section of the Insert menu.

Dynamic data fields can be added directly to your document, or inside a regular text box.

Until the data field is populated with some information, it displays its name. For instance, <ZIP/Postal Code>.

Reserve a sufficient amount of space for data fields that import information from outside sources, such as data from a file or from Contacts or Address Book. To make sure that everything fits in your design, go to the Print dialog, select contacts if you are going to print for them, and check the print preview. The length of Page Number or Date and Time fields can be verified right in the main window when you edit your document.

You can combine regular text with dynamic data fields in the same text box. This way you can create text with variable parts, and use it for merge printing. It is useful for printing a number of name badges of business cards with the same design but different personal information.

To add text inside a field with dynamic data, double-click on it to activate the editing mode, and then place the cursor before or after the data field and type.

To remove a standalone dynamic field, select it and hit the Delete key.

To remove a dynamic field inserted into a text box, double-click on the text box to enter the editing mode. Then click on the dynamic field to select it, and press on the Delete key.