Working with Multipage Documents

Numbering Pages

To add a page number onto the current page, choose Insert > Page Number.

You cannot edit the content of the page number field. When you reorder, add or delete pages, page numbers update automatically.

To change the page number formatting such as text size, color or font, use the Text tab of the Inspector.

Page number is one of dynamic data fields we talked about in the Dynamic Data Fields section.

Page Numbers on Master Pages

It is common to add page numbers to master pages. To do this, apply a master page to the pages of your document. Then add a page number field to this master page.

The page number added onto a content page is displayed only on this page, while the page number added onto a master page appears on all pages to which that master is applied.

The page number field on a master page displays symbols corresponding the page number format. On content pages, they will turn into actual page numbers.

You can number pages beginning from any page. This can be useful when the first page is the cover, and the page number shouldn't appear on it. To start numbering pages from page 2, double-click on the page number field and set Start from page to 2.

You can exclude the first page(s) from numbering. This may be needed if page 1 follows after pages that have no numbers, or have individual numbering as the table of contents in large books. To show number 1 on page 2, double-click on its page number field and set First page to 2. Note that to have the correct page numbers on the following pages, you need either place the page number field on a master page, or set the same First page value on all pages.

Format of the Page Number

To change the page number format, double-click on the page number field two times, and select another format from the drop-down list.

The program provides several pre-defined formats that are shown in the Format text field with the help of special symbols.

Special symbols:

Example: the format "#P of #C" will be replaced in a 4-page document by "1 of 4", "2 of 4", "3 of 4" and "4 of 4".

You can add custom text to the format. For example, by typing "–= #P =–" into the Format edit box, you will get page numbers that look like:
–= 56 =–