Custom Paper Layout

To create a new layout, click on the Change Layout… button in the Document tab of the Inspector. Open the Custom section, and click on the plus button below the list.

To customize a standard paper layout, select this paper in the Predefined tab, and click the Customize button.

The Edit Layout dialog has three different views with various sets of controls, depending on the type of selected layout:

Business Cards, Mailing Labels and Postcards

Custom layout editor

Begin the layout creation with the page size. Then set the card or label size. Finally, set up the number of columns and rows. Finally, define the margins and spacing.

CD, DVD and Blu-ray Media

Custom layout editor

First of all, select the sheet size. To create a disc tray, select the Direct Printing check box. Drag elements from the library to the preview on the right. If needed, change the element position and size using the corresponding edit boxes. To delete elements from the page, click on the minus button. To rotate an element click on the curved arrow below the preview.