Working with Multipage Documents

Multipage Document Properties

Most of the document properties are located in the Document tab of the Inspector.

Document properties

The Page Size controls let you specify the size of the pages in your document.

The Inspector lets you set up the measurement units for the current document.

Orientation lets you choose between portrait or landscape page layout. This control doesn't rotate the actual content on the page.

Simulate paper color changes the background color of the actual canvas to display how your document may look after printing on colored paper. The selected color will not be printed or exported.

The Document Margins controls let you specify the work area on the page, displayed by a frame around the edges. The margin sizes are the same for all pages in the document, unless you are using master pages. For details, see Guide Lines and Margin Guide.

By filling in the fields in the Info section, you can provide certain details that will be saved inside the document.