Working with Multipage Documents

Additional Page Layout Capabilities

In addition to regular page layout features, multipage documents can utilize so-called master pages.

You can easily apply the layout of a master page to any regular page (content page). It contains its own layer stack. A master page, when assigned, is always located behind the bottommost layer of the content page. Normally, content pages are used for adding design elements that are unique to that page. Master pages are used for objects that appear in the same place on multiple pages (page numbers, background decoration and so on).

A sophisticated layout can include a content page with several layers, as well as a master page that contains its own layers.

The stack of layers is the same for all pages of the document. This means that if you add a new layer to any content page, this layer will appear on all other pages, including master pages. If you hide a layer, objects on this layer disappear from all pages.