Printing and Exporting

The Print Options Dialog

The additional settings in the Print Options dialog are available for documents of the following types: Labels and Business Cards and CD/DVD Media. To bring them up, open the Swift Publisher section of the Print dialog and then click the Options… button.

Extended print settings

Printing cut marks or outlines can be helpful if you are going to trim printed cards or labels manually.

The Horizontal Offset and Vertical Offset values are used for printer calibration. Positive values move the printed content to the right and to the top of the page (disc) correspondingly. For the opposite direction, input negative numbers. For example, if the the design was printed 4 mm too high, type "-4" into the Vertical Offset field to make the printout appear 4 mm lower. These calibration values apply only the printer selected in the Calibrate Printer drop-down list.

Printer Calibration

Printer calibration is used to configure the program for accurate printing on your printer. This is important when the content must fit the given area, for instance, while printing on discs, or on paper with predefined positions for labels or business cards. Printing on plain paper doesn't require calibration.

When the printed design appear off center, you should find out the offset distance horizontally and vertically. Then input those two values as calibration parameters in the Print Options dialog described earlier.

The calibration values are saved in conjunction with the printer name. You don't have to calibrate the same printer again, but if you have several of them, each may require individual calibration.