Program Interface

Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Documents

Cmd-N Create a new document.
Cmd-Opt-N Open the Template Gallery.
Cmd-O Open an existing document.
Cmd-W Close the active document.
Cmd-Opt-W Close all windows.
Cmd-S Save the current document.
Cmd-Shift-S Open a copy of the current document in a new window.
Cmd-Opt-Shift-S Save the current document with a different file name.
Cmd-Opt-E Save the open document as a graphic file.
Cmd-Q Exit the application.
Cmd-P Print the current document.

Working with Objects

Cmd-Z Undo the last operation.
Cmd-Shift-Z Redo the last operation.
Cmd-X Cut the selected objects to the Clipboard.
Cmd-C Copy the selected objects to the Clipboard.
Cmd-V Paste the content from the Clipboard into the document.
Cmd-Opt-Shift-V Paste text from the Clipboard into the text box. The inserted text takes on the style used for the existing text in the box (or the default style if the box is empty).
Cmd-D Duplicate the selected objects.
Del Delete the selected objects.
Cmd-A Select all objects in the active layer on the current page.
Cmd-Opt-F Bring Forward.
Cmd-Shift-F Bring to Front.
Cmd-Opt-B Send Backward.
Cmd-Shift-B Send to Back.
Cmd-Shift-H Move selected objects to the page center horizontally.
Cmd-Shift-V Move selected objects to the page center vertically.
Cmd-K Crop the selected image.
Arrow Move the selected objects.
Shift-Arrow Move the selected objects (increased shift).
Cmd-Opt-[Left Arrow] Turn the selected object counterclockwise in 1 degree increments.
Cmd-Opt-[Right Arrow] Turn the selected object clockwise in 1 degree increments.
Cmd-Opt-Shift-[Left Arrow] Turn the selected object counterclockwise in 5 degree increments.
Cmd-Opt-Shift-[Right Arrow] Turn the selected object clockwise in 5 degree increments.
Cmd-Opt-G Group the selected objects.
Cmd-Opt-Shift-G Ungroup the selected objects.
Opt-Shift-click Add a new anchor point to a curve.

Working with Pages

Home Go to the first page.
PageUp Go to the previous page.
PageDown Go to the next page.
End Go to the last page.

Working with Layers

Cmd-] Activate the layer above the current one.
Cmd-[ Activate the layer below the current one.

Working with Windows and Dialogs

Cmd-Ctrl-"+" Zoom In.
Cmd-Ctrl-"-" Zoom Out.
Cmd-0 Display the document at its actual size (100%).
Cmd-M Minimize the active window.
Cmd-W Close the active document window.
Cmd-"," Bring up the application Preferences dialog.
Cmd-Shift-C Display or hide the Colors pane.
Cmd-T Display or hide the Fonts pane.
Cmd-R Show or hide the rulers.
Cmd-\ Switch the preview mode on or off.
Cmd-1 Open the Document tab of the Inspector.
Cmd-2 Open the Geometry tab of the Inspector.
Cmd-3 Open the Appearance tab of the Inspector.
Cmd-4 Open the Text tab of the Inspector.
Cmd-5 Open the list of layers.
Cmd-6 Open the grid settings.
Cmd-Opt-T Show or hide the toolbar.
Cmd-Ctrl-F Activate or deactivate the full screen mode.
Cmd-Opt-S Show or hide the Source panel.
Cmd-Opt-I Show or hide the Inspector panel.
Cmd-Opt-P Show or hide the Pages panel.

Working with Text

Cmd-B Make text Bold.
Cmd-I Make text Italic.
Cmd-U Underline text.
Cmd-Shift-O Outline text.
Cmd-"+" Increase font size.
Cmd-"-" Decrease font size.
Cmd-{ Align left.
Cmd-} Align right.
Cmd-| Center text.
Cmd-Return Exit the text editing mode.
Cmd-":" Open the Spelling dialog.
Cmd-";" Check spelling.
Cmd-Opt-L Insert a linked text box on the next page.

Working with the Mouse

Hold down Shift when working with handles Invert proportional resize to unproportional and vice versa.
Cmd-Mouse Toggle object snapping on/off.
Opt-Mouse Duplicate objects.
Shift-click Select/deselect object without changing other objects' properties.
Ctrl-click or right-click on an object Bring up the context menu (pop-up menu) for the object.
Cmd-F Open the Find dialog box.
Cmd-G Find the next occurrence of the word or phrase entered into the Find dialog box.
Cmd-Shift-G Find the previous occurrence of the word or phrase entered into the Find dialog box.
Cmd-E Find the next occurrence of a word or phrase that you have selected in the text box.
Cmd-J Show the selected object(s) in the document view.

Using Trackpad Gestures on Supported Computers

Pinch open/close Zoom in or zoom out.
Two-finger scroll Scroll vertically or horizontally.

Activating Tools

V Selection Tool
T Text Box Tool
Y Vertical Text Tool
U Circular Text Tool
R Rectangle Tool
C Circle Tool
L Line Tool
S Spline Tool