Working with Documents

Document Types

Documents you can edit in the program are broken up into categories: Desktop Publishing, Discs and Media, Business Card, Label, Envelope, and Postcard. The features and tools available at any point in time depend on the type of document you are designing. However, the majority of the functionality is available all of the time.

To create a document of a particular type, use the Template Gallery. Document types correspond to the design categories in the gallery.

I Desktop Publishing Single or multipage documents.
Support for master pages, booklet printing, and exporting.
Support page spread mode.
II Discs and Media CD, DVD and Blu-ray labels, covers, tray inserts and so on.
Support for direct on CD printing. Library of compatible media such as discs and papers.
III Business Card Different types of business cards.
Library of compatible paper stocks.
III Label Labels for mailing and other purposes.
Library of compatible papers and roll labels.
III Envelope Different types of envelopes.
Library of standard envelopes.
III Postcard Different types of postcards.
Library of postcard papers.

The first column in the table indicates the three groups of document types. Any document lets you change the layout to another of the same group, but you cannot switch to a layout belonging to a different group. For example, if the active document is a mailing label, you can change it to a postcard or envelope. However, if you need to design a disc label, you have to create a new document by selecting one of the templates in the Discs and Media category.