Working with Documents

Document Preview in the Main Window

Depending on the document type, the main window can display:

To preview all pages of a multipage document, or all labels on a paper sheet, open the Print dialog and select to show the print preview using the PDF button. The dynamic data fields are populated with details at printing. To preview them with the content, you also need to use the Print dialog.

Page Size and Orientation

The page format and orientation are the same for all pages throughout the document. You can change these settings in the Document tab of the Inspector.

You can rotate the view of individual pages along with the content. To do this, use View > Rotate View 90º Left or View > Rotate View 90º Right. If you add an object to a rotated page, it appears rotated in relation to the original page orientation.

To display the page with the original orientation, select View > Clear Rotation.

Showing Layers

Normally, you can see the content of the active layer and of the layers behind it. To preview the page as it will be printed or exported, activate the topmost layer.

To design the background layer, you may need to see the content of the foreground when the background layer is active. To activate this view mode, choose View > Show Layers above Active.

You can hide layers individually. To hide a layer, click on its eye icon in the list of layers. To show it, click on this icon again. Layers are listed at the bottom of the Inspector. Choose View > Inspector > Layers to show the list.

The Preview Mode

In the preview mode, the program displays what you can see in the print preview. It doesn't show auxiliary objects such as guide lines, layout guides and text box frames. Objects on hidden and non-printable layers are also invisible.

To activate the preview mode select View > Enable Preview Mode (Cmd-\), or click the Preview Mode button in the tool bar Preview mode.