Working with CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media

Optical Disc Document Properties

Most of the document properties are located in the Document tab of the Inspector.

Document properties

The Sizes section lets you customize the layout dimensions. If you choose a predefined paper layout, it is recommended that you do not change its dimensions.

The Inspector lets you set up the measurement units for the current document.

Disc elements let you specify margins along the edge and in the center. This lets you control the distance from objects to the disc edge. Margins can cause text wrapping. When this function is activated, the margins don't let text go outside the printable area.

To change the type of the active element, choose a new one in the Change Element drop-down menu.

To choose a layout compatible with a particular paper or printer tray, click on the Change Layout button. It opens a list of papers and printer trays.

By filling in the fields in the Info section, you can provide certain details that will be saved inside the document.