Working with Documents

Using Templates

Swift Publisher comes with a collection of templates. They are complete designs grouped into categories by document type, then into subcategories (Brochures, Flyers, etc.). To access templates, open the Template Gallery by choosing File > New… If this command opens a blank document, then you need to change the program settings. In the Preferences dialog, set For New Documents to Show Template Gallery.

Apart from templates containing ready-made graphic designs, there are blank templates. These templates present different types of page layouts.

When you start working on a new document, it is important to select the sufficient layout type before you begin editing your document. For detail, read Layout Types.

You may also create templates of your own and use them as the basis for future documents. To save your document as a template, choose File > Save as Template… in the menu. The program saves templates in the My Templates folder. To access the content of this folder, select the My Templates category of the Template Gallery.

To delete a custom template or change the file name, select the My Templates category and click on the arrow icon in the selection bar.

When you save a document created from a standard or custom template, the modifications will not affect the original file. That is, the template itself remains untouched.