Program Interface

The Preferences Dialog

The Preferences dialog contains settings that are applied by default every time you run the application. You can control the program behavior by changing them.

To open the Preferences dialog, choose Swift Publisher 5 > Preferences… in the menu or press "Cmd-,".

The General Tab

For New Documents lets you specify what the program should do upon launch, or when you choose to create a new document.

Default Format for Templates lets you choose whether to open designs from the Template Gallery in the US or Metric page format.

Autosave Documents defines how frequently the program should automatically save a copy of your document. This backup copy is located in the same folder where the document is. When you change the auto saving interval, it goes into effect after the previously set interval is up. To apply the new interval immediately, restart the program.

Measurement Units defines units for all size and positioning controls in the program. This option sets up the default measurement units for new documents. Use the Inspector to change the measurement units for the currently open document.

Check for updates daily specifies whether the program should automatically check for updates. To check for updates manually, choose Swift Publisher 5 > Check for Updates… This option is not available in the application purchased on the Mac App Store.

The Reset to Defaults… button returns the settings in the Preferences dialog to their default state.

To reset the program when it won't open, or if you need to bring it to the just installed state, launch the program holding down the Alt key.

The Design Tab

The Smart Guides options specify how to align objects when you move or resize them using the mouse. When any of the options is activated, the cursor will snap to other objects, guide lines, page margins or page edges. You can also temporarily disable object snapping by holding the Cmd key while you are moving or resizing an object.

Color of Guides defines the color of locked and unlocked guide lines.

Default Zoom lets you set up the default document scale for new documents.

Default Font lets you specify the font used for new text boxes.