Working with Documents

Saving a Document

To save a document, choose File > Save… (Cmd-S) in the menu. If you are saving a new document, the program will ask you to specify a name for it and a save destination.

The program automatically saves versions of modified documents. Thanks to this feature, you don't need to save documents frequently during your work session. Since the auto save feature has limitations, it is still recommended that you periodically save your document manually. To find and restore any of saved versions, select File > Revert To > Browse All Versions….

To create a copy of the open document, choose File > Duplicate. This command doesn't create a new file immediately. You have to save the duplicate manually.

Creating Templates

You can save a document as a template so that it can be used later as a basis for new documents. To do this, choose File > Save As Template… For more information, see Using Templates.

Auto Saving

In the program Preferences, you can choose how often the program automatically saves a copy of your document. This function is useful for avoiding data loss in case of a power shortage or software problems.

Using iCloud

If you have an account at iCloud, you can save your documents to your iCloud storage. The iCloud option is located in the Save and Save As dialogs. Only the App Store edition of the program supports iCloud.