Working with Multipage Documents

Page Spreads

When you open a book in the middle, you can see two facing pages. They are called a page spread. The program can work either in the single page or page spread mode. Only documents of the Desktop Publishing type support page spreads.

It is important to remember that you should choose the mode before a new document is created. This can be done in the New Document dialog, or by choosing the Facing Pages template in the Template Gallery. Switching between the modes is not possible in the course of editing the document.

Editing a document as page spreads is useful when an object or design extends over both facing pages.

In the page spread mode, documents must have even number of pages. The first and last pages have no facing pages. You cannot add, delete or reorder individual pages, but only page spreads.

Pages in a spread have the universal system of coordinates. The zero point is located in the top left corner of the left page.

Master pages are organized as spreads in the same way as content pages. The left master page in a spread will always be applied to left content pages, and the right master page to right pages.

It is not possible to split pages of a spread in order to add other pages between them.