Solving Problems


Printing Problems

The Printer Does not Print

Before printing, make sure that printer initialization is finished. Lamps on the printer control panel should indicate its state. Usually, blinking lamps indicate that the printer is not ready yet.

Low Quality of the Printout

If your printed text or images are of low quality (light bands or gaps on the printout, the printout fades out, you see wrong colors), check the ink or toner level.

If the printout is blurry or it takes a long time for the ink to dry:

To establish the cause of the problem, do a test print from another application. If the problem persists, it is likely that the problem is connected with the hardware or driver.

For more detailed guidance refer to your printer user manual.

Some Objects Don't Print or Export

All layers have the Printable property. If it is deactivated for a layer, none of the objects on this layer will be printed or exported. If this happens, check the Printable property of the respective layer. Activate this layer and verify its property in the Arrange > Layers menu.

Problems with Text and Images

Cannot Select Text or Image

Cards or Labels Do Not Line Up at Printing

If printed cards go out the card boundary on the paper, you should calibrate your printer.